Monday, September 5, 2011

**UPDATE** Upcoming Battle Report: Angels Sanguine

The Angels Sanguine have received a distress call from subsector Mednor. The Hidden Blade makes a warp jump to arrive within 3 days time. An unknown enemy has besieged the subsector, the Angels Sanguine ready to unleash the fury of Sanguinius upon the enemy. Captain Mallius readies his 4th Company preparing for the battle to come.

His elite task force is equipped to handle just about any enemy, but when the enemy is unknown, the Captain will only have a few minutes to strategize before the enemy attacks. With the Apothecary Eylon at his side, the Angels Sanguine prepare to take on any enemy. Bolters equipped, plasma gun's ready, and chainswords revving - the Angels Sanguine prepare for war.

**UPDATE** - As The Hidden Blade arrived in the subsector Mednor, a distress signal was picked out, one with different coding from PDF (planetary defense force) coding: Adeptus Astartes Signalling. After being decrypted for security, Captain Mallius was informed of the location of around 10 survivors in poor condition from the Raptors Chapter.

What they found out had shocked them. The enemy had been identified as a rogue Space Wolves company: The 13th Company. Immediately, the Angels Sanguine readied to deploy to face the rogue Company. With their blood hot in their veins, Captain Mallius of the 4th Company prepared for war.

Stay tuned. Another Battle Report due by the end of this week. Let me know what you would like to see by commenting on this post.

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