Sunday, September 11, 2011

Battle Report Coming Soon

Unfortunately, my Space Wolf partner could not make it down on Friday so I instead played a game against the Novamarines. This was a fantastically painted army that I was proud to play against. The Battle Report will be up soon so stay tuned!

Here are the forces that played:

Angels Sanguine vs Novamarines 1750 points 

Capture and Control (1 Objective each)

Deployment: Pitched Battle




Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Angels Sanguine Librarian (WIP)

So for this weeks upcoming game, I needed to make a librarian. I have been a bit busy with work but I managed to convert my own Angels Sanguine Librarian. Here he is:

Relatively simple to make, I converted him from the following components:

Dark Angels Legs -- Sanguinary Guard Chest Plate, Shoulder Pad, Head, Sword Arm -- Normal Bolt Pistol Arm and Shoulder Pad with Jump Pack

I created the Psychic Hood by taking a Terminator Shoulder Pad from the Dark Angels (though any will do) and basically just trimming it to fit between the jump pack and the back of the head. Fit perfectly for this model and hope to get it painted soon. This librarian will be taking part in the upcoming Angels Sanguine vs Space Wolves battle report due by the end of the week. You can check out the file intel a couple posts below.

Monday, September 5, 2011

**UPDATE** Upcoming Battle Report: Angels Sanguine

The Angels Sanguine have received a distress call from subsector Mednor. The Hidden Blade makes a warp jump to arrive within 3 days time. An unknown enemy has besieged the subsector, the Angels Sanguine ready to unleash the fury of Sanguinius upon the enemy. Captain Mallius readies his 4th Company preparing for the battle to come.

His elite task force is equipped to handle just about any enemy, but when the enemy is unknown, the Captain will only have a few minutes to strategize before the enemy attacks. With the Apothecary Eylon at his side, the Angels Sanguine prepare to take on any enemy. Bolters equipped, plasma gun's ready, and chainswords revving - the Angels Sanguine prepare for war.

**UPDATE** - As The Hidden Blade arrived in the subsector Mednor, a distress signal was picked out, one with different coding from PDF (planetary defense force) coding: Adeptus Astartes Signalling. After being decrypted for security, Captain Mallius was informed of the location of around 10 survivors in poor condition from the Raptors Chapter.

What they found out had shocked them. The enemy had been identified as a rogue Space Wolves company: The 13th Company. Immediately, the Angels Sanguine readied to deploy to face the rogue Company. With their blood hot in their veins, Captain Mallius of the 4th Company prepared for war.

Stay tuned. Another Battle Report due by the end of this week. Let me know what you would like to see by commenting on this post.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Works in Progress

Hey guys. I am getting ready for college at the moment but am also working a lot on my armies. I hope to have my Techmarine up soon. Hope to get new updates in soon. Until then, adios.

Battle Report: Raptors Chapter vs Space Wolf's Thirteenth Company


Mission: Capture and Control

Deployment: Spearhead

Raptors Chapter 1750:

(1) Captain (Khan) 160 
(1) Librarian (Tigurius) 230 
(10) Tactical Squad 220 Lascannon Meltagun  Sargent with Power Fist and Combi-Melta
(10) Tactical Squad 215 Lascannon  Flamer Sergeant with Power Fist and Combi-Flamer  
(5) Sternguard Veterans 125 Combi-Melta 5 
(5) Sternguard Veterans 125 Combi-Melta 5  
(5) Terminator Squad 230 Assault Cannon  Terminator 
(5) Assault Squad 200 
 Land Raider 250 Multi-Melta

Space Wolves Traitorous 13th Company 1750:

Wolf Lord

Rune Priest


Thunderwolf Cavalry
Power Fist
Storm Shield

Thunderwolf Cavalry
Power Fist
Storm Shield

Thunderwolf Cavalry
Power Fist
Storm Shield

Grey Hunters
Razorback (Las/Plas)

Grey Hunters
Razorback (Las/Plas)

Grey Hunters
Razorback (Lascannon)

Long Fangs
Missile Launchers

Long Fangs
Missile Launchers

It was morning, the sun just breaking the dawn, creeping over bathing the morning sky in an eerie red glow. The Raptors Chapter had recently discovered 3 lost guardsmen containing vital information: what had happened to the planet to cause it to become nearly uninhabited. Two were located within a quarter of the plateau while the other was to on the exact opposite side. Standing in their mat green armor, the Raptors Chapter deployed and set up positions until the guardsmen could be extracted - no matter the cost.


Both my partner, Daniel, and I rolled off to see who starts. He rolled a 5 and I rolled a 6 (thank you dice gods). I then proceeded to deploying my Sternguard veterans in a 4 story building placing them on the 3rd floor while a combat squad from Tactical Squad II with a plasma cannon was on the second story. The objective was located on the fourt. Adjacent to the first Sternguard Squad was a second Sternguard Squad and the remainder of Tactical Squad II with the Sergeant and plasma gunner in the two story ruin defending the vital second objective. The vanguard of the operation was Chief Librarian of the Raptors (plays as Tigurius) and the Captain of the 3rd company with 5 Assault Terminators in a Land Raider Redeemer. The Space Wolf Thirteenth Company deployed 2 Lasplas Razorbacks and one TL Lascannon Razorback each filled with 6 man Grey Hunter packs each with Meltaguns. Also deployed for the Thirteenth Company were two Long Fang squads with Missile Launchers as well as the Runepriest leading them. Whilst I only kept the Terminator Squad with the Assault Cannon in reserve and Daniel decided to leave all 3 Thunderwolf Cavalry in reserves as well as his HQ and scouts.

Turn 1 (RC):

The Land Raider rolled out, desperate to deliver its deadly cargo to the front Lines and take out the troop choices aiming to claim the guardsmen for themselves. Meanwhile the Sternguard Squads located near the first objective and Combat Squad from Heavy Combat Squad II drew their sights upon the distant Long Fang Squad. Attempting to hit their targets, the Sternguard fired away with their long range Kraken Bolts. Being elevated on top of the building, the Long Fangs were just out of reach as the Kraken Bolts fell to the ground below them. However, whilst distracted by the sternguard shots, the Plasma Cannon from the Heavy Combat Squad II struck true just barely making its range limit obliterating one of the Long Fang Missile Launchers. As the Sternguard Squad and Sergeant Combat Squad II were out of range of all enemy units, they sat idle beginning their interrogation of the Guardsmen at bay. Towards the center of the map, one of the Land Raider's crewman popped out from the hatch and fired the hull-mounted multi melta at the first of the razorbacks causing the twin linked lascannon to pop off.

Turn 1 (SW):

Witnessing his comrade explode to a Plasma Cannon shot, the Rune Priest attached to the Long Fangs called living lightning upon the Heavy Combat Squad. The sky darkened and the air dropped a few degrees as all of a sudden 6 bolts of powerful (str. 7 ap 5) lightning landed upon the squad. The marines armor proved to be worthy for all but one tactical marine as he was struck and spiralled off the edge of the ruins landing as a burnt husk. The remaining 3 missile launchers in the first Long Fang squad also opened fire, however 2 went wide whilst the other bounced off the ruins of the building. The Razorbacks moved out quickly hoping to reach the guardsmen before the Raptors could extract them. The Razorback mounted with a Las/plas weapon fired the Lascannon after moving at combat speed upon the Land Raider Redeemer but failing to penetrate its thick armor. The other Long Fang Squad opened fire upon the Sternguard located near objective 1 firing 4 krak missiles. As the missiles sailed through the air, 1 skewed wide and the other 3 found their targets. One marine was able to dive into the ruins saving his own life - only to look up and see a comrade and his sergeant obliterated by the other two krak missiles. Covered in gore, the remaining three Sternguard got back up to find out where the missiles had come from.

Turn 2 (RC):

Eager to get into combat with the enemy, Captain Andrelo with his Chief Librarian and the Assault Terminators poured out of the Land Raider. On the opposite side of the map, the Terminator Squad teleported right on target behind the razorback guarding the 3rd objective. Determined to protect their guardsmen, the Tactical Marines and Sternguard held their position. As a supreme strategist, the captain allows all units with Combat Tactics to outflank (plays as Khan) and Tactical Squad III came in from the right side of the map rushing to get to a high vantage point and take out the Long Fangs.

Attempting to avange his fellow tactical marine, the Plasma Cannon from Heavy Combat Squad II opened fire, but alas, the wind blew his bolt off crashing to the ground scant meters away from the Long Fangs and Runepriest. Moving only at combat speed, the Land Raider opened fire upon the Lasplas Razorback however failing to have the multi-melta do anything short of stun the vehicle. The machine spirit kicked in and unleashed the flamestorm desperatly in order to destroy the vehicle however failing to pierce the armor of the Razorback, leaving it up to the Terminators to assault it, instead of its cargo. The recently arrived Terminators opened fire on the rear armour on the Razorback defending the 3rd objective, penning it twice with assault cannons and glancing it twice.

However, the shots failed to destroy the wolf transport as the the dice gods would see to it that the only 5's rolled were glancing hits, destroying the weapons of the transport. Once the smoke cleared, the Assault Terminators trudged in and caused the a Razorback to explode, exposing the 6 man squad within.

Turn 2 (SW): The Thirteenth Company, again, blindly charged forward with its one remaining razorback in the front lines. Now closing in on one of the guardsmen, the Razorback charged forwards and popped smoke. Off in the distance, the Captain and Chief Librarian could hear the hooves of the approaching Thunderwolf Cavalry. One squad of 3 came in from reserves coming in right in front of the Terminators and HQ. Charging forward with the 6 man combat squad to engage in melee. In the meantime, the Long Fangs turned around and focus fired the Terminators, the combined might of both squad's frag missiles managing to take down two of them. Alas, one of them was the sergeant. The Grey Hunter Squad defending objective 3 furiously stormed out of their transport firing the melta shots only to be rejected by the invulnerable save of the Terminators. In an unusual twist of events, the bolt pistols managed to kill off another Terminator as a 1 was rolled on the armor save! The nearby Rune Priest called upon Living Lightning once again. Skies darkening again and the lightning coming back down, 2 more Heavy Combat Marines from Tactical Squad II died leaving the Plasma Cannon and a lone marine armed with a bolter to hold the objective. 2 more Thunderwolf lied waiting in reserves as well as the Scout Squad. The Thunderwolves who came in charged the Assault Terminators unleashing 6 Power Fist attacks and 14 normal attacks killing 2 Terminators, their shields faltering little by little. The Terminators struck back putting a wound on each of the Thunderwolves. Whilst this was occuring, the Grey Hunters attacked the Captain and Librarian. As the Captain was quicker he had first swings and managed to kill 3 of the Grey Hunters while the librarian killed 1. The Grey Hunters failed to do anything short of scratch the armor of the Captain and Chief Librarian. On the other side of the map, the Grey Hunters near objective 3 charged the 2 remaining terminators but failing to do anything and taking a loss themselves.

Turn 3 (RC):

Now with all units on the field, Tactical Squad III continued to move towards the nearby bastion hoping to reach it before anyone else could reach them. The Plasma Cannon Devastator now turned to fire back at the Long Fangs obliterating the sergeant. Witnessing the death of their sergeant, the Long Fangs turned around to see the smoking barrel of the Plasma Cannon pointed right at them. Near Objective 2, the Sternguard fired its Combi-Melta shot and even through the fog, the shot struck true causing a massive explosion of the approaching Razorback and pinning the Grey Hunter inside. This allowed the Sergeants Combat Squad II to open fire with 24" bolter shots and a plasma gun shot. The plasma gun hit and killed one marine whilst the 4 bolters only manged to kill another one of the 6 as the bolt sailed through the air managing to hit the stunned marines neck joint - blowing his head clean off. The Land Raider unleashed it Assault Cannons on the nearby Long Fang Squad - still at full strength. The assault cannons chewed through one marine and the melta missed. The hail of shots from the assault cannon causing one marine to be hit by multiple rounds one of which pierced his armor and exploding within him. Off to the center of the map, the Assault Terminators were being killed off leaving only the sergeant to strike back with the Power Fist. Both attacked simultaenously and as the Thunder Hammer struck a mortal wound to the Space Wolf, the Wolf managed to attack one last time finishing off the sergeant. With the Sergeants death, the last of the Assault Terminators were wiped out and one of the Long Fangs lay dead. One of the long fangs decided to attack the Chief Librarian directly finishing him off easily as he only has two wounds.

Yet, before the Librarian was knocked unconscious, he manged to kill off the remaining two Grey Hunters with the help of Captain Andrelo.

Turn 3 (SW):

As the marines from Tactical Squad III moved towards the bastion, the noise of hooves and a mighty roar was heard behind them. Out of the fog itself, 3 Thunderwolf came rushing out and engaged them in assault.

Recently being blasted at by the plasmacannon, the remaining 3 missile launchers from the Long Fangs let loose on the last two marines defending objective 1.

Those marines and 3 remaining Sternguard were all that were left to defend that objective. Realizing that only the Tactical Marines could claim the objective the missiles were unleashed directly at them. Surprisingly one missed to the fortune of the marines; unfortunately however, two missiles hit their targets. The Plasma Cannon marine could not de-set up in time and took the full force of the Krak Missile blowing off a massive portion of the right side of his armor and sent flying off the ruin. The lone marine stayed in check and realized the objective was more important. One more Long Fang Squad was yet to fire. They saw the 5 other marines from Tactical Squad III defending objective 2 and lined up their crosshairs with the Marines. Flying through the air, the III missiles struck true killing two as one passed the cover test. As the assaulting of the lone Captain Andrelo continued, a new foe arrived on scene. The Wolf Lord of the corrupted Thirteenth company trudged onto the field of battle to engage him. The Captain realizing the remaining two Thunderwolf were weaker put his 4 attacks into them and finished them off. Enraged by the death of his fellow comrades, the Wolf Lord unleashed his lightning claws upon the weaker Captain Andrelo. The Wolf Lord wounded him two times as one lightning claw rent the armor of his side and the other jabbing into his leg. The Iron Halo spared the Captain the gory death which surely awaited him. Tactical Squad III caught unprepared by the ferocious attack could not even fight back as the wolves knocked most of them back causing most of their swings to miss. Not one wound was suffered by the Thunderwolves; however, when they struck back 7 marines went down including the Sergeant, Lascannon Marine, and Meltagunner. The remaining two terminators suffered 4 wounds and rolled 3 1's! Surprisingly they died to bad dice rolls.

Turn 4 (RC):

**If you're still reading - you're amazing for doing so because its a lot to read hope you're enjoying.** With no more than 16 marines left on the board and a Land Raider, the battle was looking desperately gloom for the Raptors Chapter. The remaining Sternguard veterans and marines from Tactical Squad II defended would defend their objective no matter the cost. With no weapons in range, the only unit left available to fire was the Land Raider, but with three Rending Thunderwolf quick on its treads, it decided to move 12" to decrease the odds of suffering a wrecked result. While on its way back to support the few remaining marines near the objectives, it unleashed its flamestorm cannon on the Grey Hunters nearest to Objective 2. Out of the 4 remaining, 3 died leaving one left to claim an objective. As their armor melted away right before their eyes, the last thing those Grey Hunters saw was the fury on the faces of the Thunderwolves who chased down the Land Raider. The lone Grey Hunter was an easy target and the Sternguard near Objective two opened fire with their Dragonfire rounds. Unbelievably 4/5 of the Dragonfire rounds got hot and the other failed to wound! Two of the Sternguard marines died to their own weapons as the unstable technology exploded in their own hands. The other squad of Sternguard having witnessed this decided to use their 30" kraken bolts. Three bolts went flying through the air at a distance of 28" and 2 impacted their target. One bounced off the armor while the other entered the left side of the Grey Hunter turning his insides to mush. Clear of any troop choices, the remaining 10 marines defending the objective awaited the Thunderwolves. Captain Andrelo finally fell in combat being knocked unconscious next to the Chief Librarian both of them in a Sus-an membrane coma. Their bodies would later be recovered and reinstated by the Company Apothecary. The remaining three marines tied up in combat with the three Thunderwolves were quickly dispatched of as the Thunderwolves bit into their armor rending it to shreds. As the last of the marines bled out the Thunderwolves looked to at least contest one objective.

Turn 4 (SW):

As most of the Heavy Weapons were generally out of range, the remaining Long Fangs moved towards the objective to get better shots at those guarding it. The Long Fangs, now free of all assault moved in to attempt to assault those defending the objectives. Lead by the mighty and ferocious Wolf Lord, the remaining members of the Thirteenth Company charged towards their objectives securing one of the Guardsmen for themselves.

Turn 5 (RC):

With the Thunderwolves quickly approaching, the 6 Sternguard and 4 remaining Tactical Marines took up position in the ruins protecting their Guardsmen. It would not be long now until the Thunderhawk came in and extracted them. They just had to wait a little longer. Kneeling down, going prone, or getting a better vantage point, the last 10 marines prepared for the 7 Thunderwolves coming their way. As they approached in, the Land Raider moved right in front of one of the Thunderwolf Squads heading straight for Objective 1. A risky maneuver but a necessary one and having moved 12 inches would be unlikely that the Thunderwolves strike true. Just entering the rapid fire range, the Sternguard near objective 2 unleashed 6 Dragonfire rounds despite previous unsuccessful attempts. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 4/6 struck true and all 4 wounded killing one rider outright and wounding another. The third rider was saved by his storm shield. Hoping to finish them off, the Sergeant's Combat Squad II opened fire with their own weapons. The sergeant fired his combi-plasma and one hit while the other got hot. Fortunately, his armor was true and saved him from an unexpected death.

The plasma gunner in the squad however was not so fortunate as he suffered two wounds from 'gets-hot' and died - his gun exploding and turning him to mush. The bolter rounds failed to wound the beasts. Now left only with 9 marines (3 from Sternguard Squad one, 1 from Heavy Weapon Combat Squad II, 3 from Sternguard Squad two, and 2 from Sergeants Combat Squad II), the Raptors Chapter awaited the arrival of their Thunderhawk.

Turn 5 (SW):

Realizing that the Thunderwolves could not assault many on to the second story of a building, the Marines of the Raptors Chapter were spared a gory death at the hands of the Thunderwolves, but they were not out of the clear yet. The heavy weapons from the Long Fangs were in range and ready to unleash devastation. Only 6 krak missiles from 2 squads to take out 3 Tactical Marines in 2 Squads. First, the Rune Priest called upon living lightning one last time on the squad of two near objective 2. Four bolts of lightning fell down from the sky striking the marines, whilst one of the marines died from the shocking attack, the Sergeant prevailed determined to hold the objective and save this guardsmen's life. The moment of truth, the first Squad of Long Fangs opened up on the uncontested single marine holding the guardsmen's life dearly (Objective I). One missile flew over head and the other two hit. As the wall's exploded around the marine and guardsmen, the Raptor flew out of the building - guardsmen in hand - as the walls exploded around him. When the dust cleared, the marine stood up Guardsmen in hand as the Sternguard covered him and picked up the wounded but heroic Raptor Marine. The last of the Long Fang's surprised and shocked at the survival fired upon the Tactical Squad's Sergeant. Amazingly, two of the missiles missed but one struck the dead center of the Sergeant's armor. The Sternguard nearby feared the worst but when they saw the Sergeant get back up from a direct hit, they could not believe their eyes. The roll to wound had been a 1 the Emperor's blessing had been upon him.


At the end of the match, the Raptors were in control of 2 objectives to the Thirteenth Companies 1. A Victory for the Raptors Chapter but one without loss. With only 8 Marines left for the Thunderhawk to pick up, the Raptors quickly recovered the unconscious bodies of the Chief Librarian and Captain Andrelo. Surprisingly they were alive but would not fight for many months or even years. The game ended on turn 5 as Daniel rolled a 1 to end the game.

If you have any tips on how you would like the next Battle report to be let me know. I am completely open to improvements and thank you for reading.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Raptors Chapter

So this is my second army which I really enjoyed painting because I, indeed, did get to use the lovely flamer patter spray gun by Games Workshop which I recommend as a superb time saver and efficient tool. Once again I built and painted every single one of these models and some of them are unpainted. I hope to finish those and post pictures up soon. Anyways...

I chose to do the Raptors Chapter as they, also, have amazing fluff. They were originally a Chapter who had a mishap while travelling through the warp and ending up in a toxic and volatile planet. In days they would have been killed by the extreme humidty as their oxygen reserves would run low but the Chapter's Techmarines designed a device to help the survive...and so they did on this jungle until aid finally arrived. Now experienced Jungle Warfare combatants, they participate in numerous campaigns across the galaxy.

Oh yes indeed I am much the geek. However, do not frolic too much with the thought that this is all I do. I HAVE FRIENDS. Though most of them have moved/graduated (one of the curses of living in Singapore) I do enjoy hanging out with people and cycle a lot. I also love baseball and softball and can't go a year without watching football.

So without further is my Raptors Chapter:

Tactical Squads
Command HQ and Elites, Chaplain in the back with Terminators
Techmarine, Sternguard Squads, Scouts, Bikes
Unfinished Captain with Command Squad
Tactical Squad (this is just for you to get a basic look at what the Chapter looks like.
Again, Tactical Squads
Oh look, another one.
And Finally the last one.
Ok so these are my armies. I also have an Imperial Guard army but most of them are packed away as I was recently at a tournament. I have four Leman Russes and a couple more guardsmen. Hope you enjoyed.

Angels Sanguine

So this is my 1st complete Space Marine army, the Angels Sanguine. I took some time to do these and I know I'm not the most fantastic painter but hopefully they still come out as a decently painted force. There will be a few more additions to the army. It's approximately 2400 WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). I have another Space Marine army coming up next: The Raptors Chapter.

OH and for those of you wondering...I built and painted every single one of these models by myself. It was an arduous but enjoyable task. That's what this hobby is about...

I love the fluff behind the Angels Sanguine as they are a very secretive Chapter founded on a story which other's believe is not true. Also, what truly hides behind their helmets and why do they never take them off except for when in the sanctuary that is their Chapter Fleet and their home-world? I believe they have very vampiric features which for a descendant of Sanguinius is quite a "shame". As such I tried to make a very fluffy army with lots of plasma weapons and no bare faces. Here you go.

Command Squad
Sanguinary Priest in the Command Squad
Vanguard Veterans
Vanguard Veterans
Chaplain with Death Company and a Tactical Squad behind him
Tactical Squads and Death Company with a Rhino
Sanguinary Dreadnought (obviously just plays as a normal Furioso)
Stormraven, Sanguinary Guard, Sanguinary Dreadnought, Razorback, and Command Squad
Stormraven (haven't finished the cockpit and thats why there is no glass.
Apothecary one more time
Command Squad Again
Sanguinary Guard