Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Raptors Chapter

So this is my second army which I really enjoyed painting because I, indeed, did get to use the lovely flamer patter spray gun by Games Workshop which I recommend as a superb time saver and efficient tool. Once again I built and painted every single one of these models and some of them are unpainted. I hope to finish those and post pictures up soon. Anyways...

I chose to do the Raptors Chapter as they, also, have amazing fluff. They were originally a Chapter who had a mishap while travelling through the warp and ending up in a toxic and volatile planet. In days they would have been killed by the extreme humidty as their oxygen reserves would run low but the Chapter's Techmarines designed a device to help the survive...and so they did on this jungle until aid finally arrived. Now experienced Jungle Warfare combatants, they participate in numerous campaigns across the galaxy.

Oh yes indeed I am much the geek. However, do not frolic too much with the thought that this is all I do. I HAVE FRIENDS. Though most of them have moved/graduated (one of the curses of living in Singapore) I do enjoy hanging out with people and cycle a lot. I also love baseball and softball and can't go a year without watching football.

So without further is my Raptors Chapter:

Tactical Squads
Command HQ and Elites, Chaplain in the back with Terminators
Techmarine, Sternguard Squads, Scouts, Bikes
Unfinished Captain with Command Squad
Tactical Squad (this is just for you to get a basic look at what the Chapter looks like.
Again, Tactical Squads
Oh look, another one.
And Finally the last one.
Ok so these are my armies. I also have an Imperial Guard army but most of them are packed away as I was recently at a tournament. I have four Leman Russes and a couple more guardsmen. Hope you enjoyed.


  1. You've done a lot of painting. The Raptors look really good. I plan on including some in my Badab strike force.

  2. Thanks. I hope to expand and of course get better at painting.

  3. Yay Raptors! I've got some Marines lying around that I want to paint up in some kind of camo scheme to use as Raptors. Always seemed to be the most sensical of the chapters out there, and I appreciate pragmatism in my elite super soldiers.

  4. good work on the raptors,nice too see more of the badab war chapters.keep it up.